Ramadhan 1444H: Steadfastly Striving on His Path

Ramadhan 1444H has arrived, Alhamdulillah. It’s the month a lot of us have been eagerly waiting for. A month to reflect, restart and reach up to Our Most Compassionate Creator, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. A month to seek His mercy and forgiveness and, in shaa Allah, change our old ways that take us away from His ….  Read More


A’s for the Sake of The Almighty

“What tips can you give us to handle stress nowadays?” “How can we help others with their mental health concerns?” These are common questions we get from community members about mental health care. While conducting mental health first aid or psychological first aid training would be best to raise awareness and equip community members, a ….  Read More


Of Sacrifices and Steadfast Submission

Because of Eid’l Adha, the Islamic Feast of Sacrifice, a lot of us have started reviewing the life of Prophet Ibrahim (alayhi salaam [as]/peace be upon him) and that test of faith given to him by Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala (swt) [glorified and exalted is He] when he was asked to sacrifice his own son, ….  Read More


Exhaling Our Emotions: Learning from Prophet Jacob (pbuh)

In a society that’s trained us–knowingly or not–to bottle it all up, expressing how we feel especially during difficult times has become next to impossible. Take a selfie here and there, with a smile for the crowd, that makes everyone think we’re fine–we’re happy! Yet, deep inside we’re not. How many times did we actually ….  Read More


CHOOSING THE MIDDLE PATH: Dealing With Toxic People

“Boundaries are those distinctions that we make between ourselves and the world, between ourselves and significant others, and between ourselves and different types of situations–that is, different contexts.” – Anné Linden, Boundaries in Human Relationships: How to be Separate and Connected Boundaries are important for our well-being. However, there are people who do not seem ….  Read More

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Ways to Support People (And Their Families) Who Test Positive for COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is putting much strain on people’s mental health. And, as countries launch mass testing, more and more cases will be identified, which is a good thing so necessary actions can be taken. However, given the stigma, the pressure is even more for those who test positive. Here are some reminders based on ….  Read More

Calm Amidst An Epidemic-resized

How are You?

“Calm Amidst an Epidemic” aims to help us understand our emotions and reactions to the COVİD-19 pandemic, and to provide adaptive strategies that will help us manage stress that goes with this crisis. PDF: English / Tagalog / Bahasa Sug / Maguindanao Or view the images here:


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