Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh!

Welcome to the Islamic Mental Health section of the web site where you can find resources for mental health and well-being in Islam.

Mental health has, sadly, not been given as much importance as physiological health in our communities. In fact, expressing one’s mental health challenges or concerns often has either one of two extreme consequences:

  1. the person’s issues are dismissed as simply weakness of faith, and mental illnesses (such as depression) has no place in Islam;
  2. the person is automatically considered insane by other community members. Instead of opening up, there is a greater tendency to suppress one’s thoughts and emotions, and carry the burden alone – which may then lead to wrong conclusions or decisions in life.

This Islamic Mental Health section was created to address the above-mentioned reality, in shaa Allah. Specifically, it aims to:

  • increase community awareness of mental health as an essential aspect of human life, which in fact is very Islamic;
  • respond to common mental health concerns especially during extreme life events, such as conflict, natural disasters and even epidemics, that disrupt daily life both at the individual and community level; and,
  • support mental health workers by providing Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials that are specifically designed for the Muslim community.

Feel free to browse through the different pages and sections. Your comments and suggestions are very much welcome to help us make our site truly responsive to the needs and interests of the community, in shaa Allah.

Jazakumullaahu khayr. We pray that you find the contents beneficial to you and your loved ones, in shaa Allah. And, as we work on this important area of our life, may we also be comforted by the fact that while hardships come in different forms – mental health issues are very much included, Almighty Allah has promised:


“Verily, with every hardship comes ease.” – Noble Qur’an 94:6

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Stress and anxiety are normal reactions to an abnormal environment, and in this case, a pandemic. The Islamic Mental Health (IMH) team has collected the following resources to help you manage your anxiety and stress. As you read through these sources, we hope it can become a source of hope and assurance that you can return to your normal, daily routine in the near future. You may share these readings with a friend or family member, and take comfort in knowing you share the same struggles.

More Materials and Translations – Click Here

We have published our resources in English / Tagalog / Bahasa Sug / Maguindanaoan/ Maranao / and we are continuously working to make it available in other local languages. 

For a list of COVID hotlines within the Bangsamoro, you may click here.

Additional COVID-19 Mental Health Resources:

  • A Guide for Coping & Wellness
  • Leading the Way: How to Tell If I Need Psychological Help
  • The Depression Project
  • How Are You? Calm in the Midst of an Epidemic
  • The Journey (Quranic verses on Healing)
  • 10 Pieces of Advice: Protecting Yourself from the Disease
  • Ganito Ka Rin Ba? (for children)
  • Covibook (for children)

For general COVID-19 information, recommendations & updates: